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Reaching a large audience is one of the main goals of any marketing team. Legal marketing teams are no different. In order for business reach to spread quickly, it’s important to implement and maintain an active social media presence through multiple channels. With most adults using some form of social media, it’s increasingly important to … Read more

It’s no secret that mobile devices have completely changed the advertising landscape. More searches are now being conducted on mobile than the laptop and desktop combined. Another big area of growth in the advertising landscape? Video. Marketers and SEO employees alike are realizing the importance of implementing a solid video ad strategy, and also realizing … Read more

Visual advertising is larger today than at any other time in history. A relatively new social media platform, Instagram, offers simply pictures and descriptions but has become one of the largest social media channels for businesses to use today. Instagram is a perfect option for law firms seeking to personalize their brand and connect with … Read more

One of the best online strategies that can boost a law firm’s bottom line is a solid SEO strategy. With the right strategy in place, your law firm can increase customers, spread brand awareness, and inspire positive reviews to further overall revenue. SEO strategy should be looked at as an ongoing initiative, constantly being maintained … Read more

Facebook is the original social media channel that took the world by storm. It’s a popular, free networking site that allows users to create profiles, post pictures and videos, send messages, and mainly keep up with friends, families, colleagues, and businesses. Because of its extreme growth and world-wide usability, most law firms today have a Facebook … Read more

Facebook Live, a recent addition to Facebook that allows its news feed featuring live videos to appear higher as they are shown live. This new addition also had numerous live viewed reactions and filters available and displayed in real time. While this feature is still in the early stages, many companies are beginning to learn … Read more

Law firms are no different than any other business when it comes to social media. In order to engage and convert clients, a professional looking social media presence is a must. More than ever before, consumers are looking online before making any kind of purchase. Whether it’s looking at reviews, checking out the Facebook page, or … Read more

It is now 2016 and social media still hasn’t disappeared – and it’s still affecting your business. If you haven’t taken the time to research social media best practices, the opportunities missed here are significant. More and more people are reaching out to lawyers via social media. Younger people in particular are often plagued by … Read more

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