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What Our Clients Say

A powerhouse for attorney advertising. I have been working with Whitehardt for almost 20 years and they have made a BIG impact on the success of our law firm. They are a full-service agency which really helps coordinate all the different advertising platforms from TV production to digital marketing. Exceptionally talented team in all areas of attorney advertising.

Jim McBride

Ken Nunn Law Office

Exceptionally talented, trustworthy, and thorough ad agency. No one in the US is as sophisticated and capable of developing and managing all-encompassing attorney advertising in all formats. I am thankful to have been a client of theirs since 2017.

Ryan Thompson

Thompson Law

Our office has partnered with Whitehardt since we were founded, and they have been amazing attorney advertising partners in so many ways. They have a very unique and successful ad-buying strategy which makes intuitive sense. Their production quality is the best in the personal injury business, in my opinion. They can offer any ad service you require – TV, radio, billboard, SEO, paid internet, and OTT – all under the same umbrella. And they’re all around just generally great people. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to dominate the PI arena with a proven and trusted partner. And I am very sorry to all of Whitehardt that it took me this long to think about writing a review for you all, especially given how much your firm has given to us. But, I am very happy to serve as a reference to any of your potential future clients.

Zach Thompson

Thompson Law

It has really been a wonderful experience since we partnered with Whitehardt. Bails and the entire team have outdone our expectations. They think of things before we do, which is why they are so effective! Game changers!

Jody Amedee

Gauthier Amedee

The Niblock Law Firm has been working with Whitehardt since 2016. The Whitehardt group is professional and are spot on when it comes to lawyer advertising and law office management. I have never been more pleased to work with Whitehardt. Truly the best!

George Niblock

Niblock Law Firm

An extremely talented group of professionals that deeply care about their clients and produce measurable results.

Bennett Long

Long & Long

Whitehardt hands down is the best advertising agency. The quality of their ads is the best in the industry. They are very responsive in dealing with issues that may arise. Highly recommend.

Brook LaTour

The Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour

I have worked with Whitehardt for 14 years. They are incredibly professional but most importantly effective. They know advertising and they handle all aspects of advertising from TV, production, and digital. I highly recommend them!

Phil Georges

Phillip S. Georges, PLLC

I own a small personal injury law firm and have been with Whitehardt since the fall of 2016. I am very satisfied. The thing that sets them apart is their goal is to have Whitehardt become successful through a process of having Whitehardt’s clients achieve success and growth. The TV ads they produce for us simply work… and work very well. Also, they are able to really stretch our advertising money and get more ads and rating points for the same amount of money.

James Beardsley

Lowry & Associates

I’ve been a client for almost five years with Whitehardt. I can honestly say the level of service I get from everybody at the company is exceptional. The whole team is focused on one goal – to get us more cases. We could not have found a better fit for a company to handle our marketing needs.

David Lowe

Jim Glaser Law

Whitehardt has helped me with my vision for growing my firm even before I formally hired them. They listen to your individual needs and respect your views. I have never felt as if my needs were not met. They are always responsive, and knowledgeable and add tremendous value to my firm. I cannot imagine moving to another advertising firm. Whitehardt is truly part of my team.

Jeff Stewart

Stewart Bell, PLLC

I enjoy working with Whitehardt for three primary reasons. They are honest, efficient and responsive. In a world where people do not always do what they say, this is refreshing. All business is relational and requires trust. I trust Whitehardt. We have a great relationship, and they are good at what they do.

Rhon Jones

Beasley Allen Law Firm

When I invest, I tend to invest large. And when it’s time to put millions of dollars into a tort campaign, Kevin & Whitehardt have my trust!

John Cracken

The Cracken Law Firm PC

Truly scalable results, from a $25k test to $1 million a month, Whitehardt results are consistent and predictable.

Matt Daniel

Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel

I’d prefer nobody else know about you.

Andrew Kirkendall

Kirkendall Dwyer LLP

I don’t have the expertise or time to handle the creative or the details of the ad buys and that is all done for me and done well.

Dan Markoff, Esq.

Atkins & Markoff

Our firm has worked with Whitehardt for years. We come back campaign after campaign because they deliver quality cases at an extremely competitive price. I also appreciate their flexibility – they will always work with your criteria, your contracts, whatever you ask. Most importantly, the team at Whitehardt is honest, responsive, and hardworking. I am always confident that they do everything in their power to reach our goals which in turn helps our firm make a positive impact on more lives.

Victoria Alford

Arnold & Itkin

About a year, maybe a year and a half ago, I decided I’m going to go strictly with Whitehardt. And it was a great decision. My business is up 35%.

Ken Nunn

Ken Nunn Law Office

Because of the creative services of Kevin and staff at Whitehardt, my automobile accident practice has been successful even through the roughest tort reform in Texas.

Robert White

Braker White

I’ve used ad agencies from all over, but these guys really know their stuff. They are more attentive to my business than I am. The ads are effective, well-scripted and produced with greatest professionalism. I really, really enjoy working with Whitehardt.

Ed McConnell

Tormey & McConnell, P.C.

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