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Effortless solutions for mass tort growth

Results-driven marketing strategies developed to deliver lucrative mass tort cases to your firm. No heavy lifting required.

Mass Tort Case Acquisition: Get The Kind Of Cases You Actually Want

We’ve been generating and delivering high-quality cases to some of the biggest law firms in the country for nearly 20 years, and we’re ready to do the same for you, too. Our results-driven mass tort case acquisition strategies have been meticulously perfected with the sole purpose of improving your bottom line in the most efficient and effective way possible.

We’ll handle all of the heavy lifting of generating qualified leads and turning those leads into signed cases while you focus on what matters most to your firm: securing high-dollar settlements.

Hot Torts

Last Updated: April 4, 2024

Camp Lejeune

$1,300 – $3,000

Leads : Contracts

Media CPA
$2,600 – $6,000
($1,300 / .5 = $2,600 or $3,000 / .5 = $6,000)

CPK (with Contract Services)
$2,850 – $6,250



Leads : Contracts

Media CPA
($1,200 / 0.6 = $2,000)

CPK (with Contract Services)


$475 – $1,100

Leads : Contracts

Media CPA
$950 – $2,200
($475/ .5 = $950 or $1,100 /.5 = $2,200)

CPK (with Contract Services)
$1,125 – $2,375

Bard PowerPort


Leads : Contracts

Media CPA
($410/ .5 = $820)

CPK (with Contract Services)



Leads : Contracts

Media CPA
($2,300/ .50 = $4,600)

CPK (with Contract Services)



Leads : Contracts

Media CPA
($11/ .50 = $22)

CPK (with Contract Services)



Leads : Contracts

Media CPA
($470 / .5 = $940)

CPK (with Contract Services)



Leads : Contracts

Media CPA
($1,200 / .45 = $2,667)

CPK (with Contract Services)

Chemical Hair Straighteners / Relaxers


Leads : Contracts

Media CPA
($430 / .6 = $717)

CPK (with Contract Services)

Birth Injury

Please contact us for CPL’s and other metrics



Leads : Contracts

Media CPA
($100/ .33 = $303)

CPK (with Contract Services)



Please contact us for additional metrics

How It Works: A Proven Path To Profit


Pick your tort & decide how much you want to invest.


We make the ad (at no cost to you!) and develop a custom media strategy designed to generate the most cases for the least amount of money.


We will screen all inquiries to ensure that each lead meets the custom criteria set by your firm. Our contract services team then goes to work retaining the cases via a combination of e-sign and physical mail-out packets.


We deliver the lucrative cases directly to you. Easy as that.

Relentlessly Results-Driven.

When we say we are relentlessly results-driven, we mean it. A good media buy is never static. That’s why we don’t place next week’s media buy until we have thoroughly analyzed what worked the week prior. This perpetual optimization of your investment is the core of what has led us to become the industry leader in consistently yielding the best cost per case that will ultimately improve your bottom line.

We’ll bring you cases you actually want, and all you have to do is focus on securing high-dollar settlements. After all, when you work with our team, you’ll be working with a partner dedicated to generating results that matter.

Intentional Data-Backed Strategies That Get You More Cases

Media Buying

Every market is different and requires a custom, data-driven media buying strategy designed to outperform the competition — both on television and online. Armed with a team of expert negotiators, we know when, where, and how to place your investment to ensure that it generates the kind of return that’ll make a difference for your firm.

Creative Strategy

Our award-winning creative team will create content for you based on a proven methodology that we know makes the phones ring and converts the most viewers into qualified leads. And when it comes to your budget, we believe your ad dollars should be attributed entirely towards your media buy — that’s why we’ll even develop your ad creative entirely for free.

Contract Pursuit

Your time is valuable. That’s why we have a team dedicated to converting leads into cases so all you have to worry about is turning those cases into profitable settlements. Through “on-the-spot” digital conversion, email and text drip campaigns, and consistent and compassionate outreach, we’ll proudly deliver signed contracts directly to your inbox.

Ready to Get More Cases?

Your goals are our goals. Our results-driven strategies are proven to generate high-quality, high-dollar cases for attorneys just like you.

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Your Branding Options


Our goal is to make investing in MDL as easy, and as profitable, as possible. Working with Whitehardt gives you the option of investing in MDL cases through your own firm’s brand, The Wolf Pack® brand, our White Heart Legal brand, or The Goldwater Law Firm brand.

White Heart Legal

If you have any hesitations or concerns about advertising under your own brand to generate leads for an MDL nationally, Whitehardt has created the White Heart Legal brand for you. With us, you can make a direct cash investment in an MDL to maximize the return of your investment while keeping your firm name private. This brand allows any firm to have the opportunity to invest in and profit from lucrative MDLs without having to feature their own brand in national advertisements. White Heart Legal was carefully crafted with the mission of getting your potential clients to pick up the phone by instilling compassion, trustworthiness, and empathy in every single viewer.

Wolf Pack Lawyers

If you’re interested in profiting from the lucrative world of MDLs without having to do the challenging, time-consuming work of pursuing and settling the cases yourself, you’ll benefit from using The Wolf Pack® brand. The Wolf Pack® is the established brand of Phillip S. Georges, PLLC. The only “sticky” brand in the world of mass torts, this brand inspires confidence in potential clients that their cases will be handled by a fierce, aggressive team dedicated to fighting for the maximum compensation they deserve. This brand allows you to skip advertising and buy contracts directly with Attorney Phil Georges, who only works on cases in which he can be in direct partnership with the leadership in the MDL itself. All you have to do is pick your preferred tort, review the contracts we’ve already pursued and obtained, and choose which contacts you’d like to invest your funds into. If the case has a successful outcome, you will receive a predetermined percentage of the fee agreement.

Goldwater Law Firm

Known as “The Gold Standard of Injury Law,” The Goldwater Law Firm is a nationally recognized brand with which we have a long, fruitful relationship. With Whitehardt’s advanced communication and marketing tactics and Attorney Bob Goldwater’s deep engagement and reputable experience in the legal field, we have developed a proven formula for securing MDL leads early, and more importantly, before competitors have a chance to. Using this brand will allow you to reach claimants across the nation with an established name people know and trust.

Your Brand Here

If you want your name to be recognized in cities across America as a leader in the fight against harmful corporations, you can use your own firm name and brand to market MDL cases. We’re here to help you do it in the most efficient and lucrative way possible. We encourage transparent relationships and expect our clients using this service to A/B test us to ensure we’re delivering the highest results available. We’ll create high-performing, traffic-driving ads that follow state bar rules while you focus on settling cases.

Your Business is Personal To Us

Kevin White

CEO & Founder

Our CEO, co-founder, and fearless leader, Kevin White, oversees the entire Whitehardt operation. He’s an entrepreneur with shrewd business skills who has dedicated his career to building empires with local law firms like yours. When you work with Whitehardt, you don’t have to deal with talking to an operator or a pushy salesman, you’ll have direct access to whoever you need, including Kevin. That’s just how he likes to do business.

Brad Wormer

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, nothing happens without Brad Wormer’s approval. Brad has been helping our clients get the cases that will generate the most growth for more than 15 years and is heavily involved in the success of all of our clients. No matter how efficient our processes, how much money our clients made on an MDL campaign, or how happy our clients are, Brad is the one in the room asking how we can be even more efficient, make even more for our clients, and make our clients even happier.

Taylor Campbell

Vice President of Operations

As the Vice President of Operations, Taylor Campbell will be your right hand in turning leads into clients for your mass tort cases. She’s got her finger on the pulse when it comes to innovative contract acquisition strategies and implementing new tools and software that will get our clients the biggest bang for their buck. She is dedicated to ensuring our clients are seeing a return on their investments and will be with you from the beginning to the end of your campaign to ensure satisfaction.

Bails Palmer Vallarino

Senior Director of Account Services

Over the past 7 years, Bails has positioned herself to be the point person for all things marketing. She has dedicated herself to understanding your law firm’s identity in an effort to make sure that your goals are well represented throughout our entire operation. She has transformed our team of Account Executives to proactively anticipate each clients’ needs and desires while creating easily digestible resources that allow you to understand the success of your campaigns. Bails and her team view themselves as an extension of your office and work diligently to keep you informed and satisfied.

Kylie Murdock

Senior Director of National & Local Media

As the National & Local Media Director, Kylie has a deep understanding of how to get our clients the best value. She and her team focus on effective buying with specific programming, proven to resonate with our clients’ audiences, rather than going after the “hottest” stations on TV. Your business is personal to her. That’s why she is relentlessly fine-tuning our campaigns and finding the next best play by looking at data, competitors in the market, and client results.

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