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Our New Home

Whitehardt’s Nashville journey, like a symphony, has been marked by distinct movements and transitions. It began with a small troupe on Music Row, and nearly two decades later, we have evolved into an orchestra in tune with the legal marketing industry’s ever-changing landscape. 

Our new home, The Moore Building, serves as a testament to this evolution. It is a harmonious blend of Nashville’s rich music history and a modern space designed to provide an elegant experience for our clients. This new home also reflects our commitment to the comfort and well-being of our employees, offering ample space and amenities to foster creativity and productivity.

Everyone at Whitehardt has played a part in this story. Some of us have been here since the first note was struck, while others have joined along the way, adding their unique melodies over time. As we look to the future, we remain committed to delivering unrivaled strategies and mass tort solutions. Our roots may be deep in the heart of Music City, but our focus is nationwide. We’re constantly evolving, learning, and pushing boundaries to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Welcome to this new chapter, where every campaign is a top hit and every client is a vital part of our masterpiece.

Before & After

Our Table

Step into the heart of our new home, and you’ll find our table—a centerpiece that embodies the spirit of Whitehardt’s evolution. Handcrafted from walnut by the skilled hands at Good Wood Nashville, this expansive table stands as a testament to the growth, unity, and uncharted territories we’ve explored together. It’s a reflection of how we’ve expanded beyond expectations, bringing new faces and perspectives into our Whitehardt family.

As we navigate a changing world in both our personal lives and in business, our table beckons everyone to gather, fostering face-to-face interactions in an era defined by unity and progress. Around the table, new connections develop, old partnerships thrive, and the collaborative spirit that defines Whitehardt flourishes. We can’t wait for you to join us for the next step of our journey, so come pull up a chair–there’s always room for you at our table!

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