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Contract services: qualified cases delivered to your inbox

Our Contract Services team is dedicated to growing your case volume so you can focus on your bottom line.

An Easy and Affordable Way to Get More Cases

When you invest in an MDL with us, we are committed to ensuring you receive the highest return on that investment possible. That’s why we offer the option to handle contract pursuit for you with a holistic strategy that’s been proven to deliver high-value signed cases. Our in-house call center will qualify the leads we generate, then our expert-led Contract Services team will empathetically and strategically pursue those leads through phone, email, text, and mail to turn them into signed contracts for you.

Depending on your campaign, we’ll utilize everything from marketing automation tools to human-involved processes to sign up qualified leads in the way that works best for them, ensuring the highest conversion rate possible. We’re dedicated to bringing you the highest volume of valuable cases at the most cost-effective price. We’ve designed this service to make your life easier, so with your bottom line in mind, we’ll take care of everything on your behalf so you can focus on growing your firm.

The Benefits of Our Contract Services


Sophisticated pursuit strategies that are proven to convert readers.


Ability to handle a large volume of leads without sacrificing conversion rate, ensuring your intake team doesn’t get overwhelmed.


A hassle-free way to get the signed cases you want. Signed, sealed, delivered — they’re yours!


A streamlined approach that saves time, money, and effort. This allows us to optimize your campaign from start to finish.

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Get the Signed Contracts You Actually Want Delivered Directly to Your Inbox

Treating each client as if they were our own, our Contract Services team will secure and send valuable cases to your inbox so you can focus on streamlining the success of your firm.

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We Make Turning Leads into Cases Easy

You provide us with your retainer and any HIPAA/medical authorization forms you need potential claimants to sign, and we take it from there! With our Contract Services team handling signups on your behalf, you don’t just receive qualified leads, but signed cases, reducing work for your firm.

We have everything from sophisticated marketing automation software to a mail tracking system to highly-trained call center agents working round the clock at our fingertips. Our expert-led Contract Services team will empathetically and strategically pursue your leads through phone, email, text, and mail to turn them into signed contracts for you. While we can handle everything for you, we also provide daily and weekly reporting to ensure transparency and share crucial campaign updates. Whether we’re pursuing leads through our internal call center or one of our trusted vendors, we have the resources to manage your sign-ups efficiently and ensure your leads are receiving immediate follow-up, no matter the volume.

Our Contract Services team is relentless in securing valuable cases for our clients, utilizing a sophisticated system to track every lead through our CRM, so we are always aware of its status. We continuously research and test new software and tools that will enhance our strategies and generate a greater return on investment for our clients. We’ll do all the work for you, delivering profitable cases to your inbox, while you focus on what really matters: growing your firm.

Your Contract Services Team

Taylor Campbell

Vice President of Operations

As the Vice President of Operations, Taylor Campbell will be your right hand in turning leads into clients for your mass tort cases. She’s got her finger on the pulse when it comes to innovative contract acquisition strategies and implementing new tools and software that will get our clients the biggest bang for their buck. She is dedicated to ensuring our clients are seeing a return on their investments and will be with you from the beginning to the end of your campaign to ensure satisfaction.

Steven Whitson

Contract Pursuit Specialist

As our Contract Pursuit Specialist, Steven will be the one on the phone with your potential clients, pursuing contracts through phone calls, emails, text follow-ups, and more to get the cases you want signed for you. He treats your potential clients with the care and consideration needed to get them to sign and is dedicated to securing you the highest return on your investment.

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