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Firm Considerations

  • WH will initiate an invoice, and funds must be in house by Tuesday @ 5CT for media placement meeting the following day. Your campaign will launch the following week pending Campaign Setup and Testing stages are completed.
  • $25k minimum investment
  • The larger the investment, the more room our media team has to place best media in advance, which assists in better results.
  • Digital media is typically not a part of blended effort with $25k investments, as these platforms can take time to ramp up.

Campaign Setup

We will need the following:

Campaign Criteria / Lead Screening

Lead Delivery Instructions

Retainer Agreement + Med Authorization

Disclaimers for Creatives

Approval of Script + Creatives

  • Once script is approved, Whitehardt will produce ads, and need your approval on finished assets.
  • TV ad assets: for campaign launch, these must be approved by Tuesday EOD to be on the air the following week due to station traffic requirements; dubs have to go out Thursday morning for Monday launch.
  • Digital ad assets: for campaign launch these will need to be approved within 24 hours of delivery.

WH Logistics

Testing & Placement

Diligent testing of any integrations/ reporting/ tracking numbers and other call center integrations

Media placement (completed every wednesday morning for the following week pending all of the above information on this list is confirmed and money is in house by Tuesday funding deadline)

Whitehardt will determine best media (TV & Digital) for campaign based on past successes

(Unique 800 numbers are utilized on ads to determine attribution and lead quality.)


Launch date determined by date of
funds in house, entire section of
campaign setup confirmed,
and estimation of timeline
for appropriate testing.

Firm will receive
ongoing leads sheets,
signed retainers and
weekly reporting on previous
week’s performance, including
spend and lead/contract results.

Qualified leads and/or signed retainers will be delivered in real time. You’ll also receive weekly performance reports detailing the previous week’s results (spend, number of qualified leads, and contracts).


We’ll request better understanding of campaign success at an initial level and 6 MONTH mark.

As a campaign nears exhaustion of funds, new invoices can be initiated to continue media placement without losing momentum.

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