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Get More Cases with Performance-Based Media Buying Strategies

Our media buying team has spent the last 20 years creating a proven formula that can help you make the most out of every dollar you invest.

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At Whitehardt, our goal is to get you more of the cases you actually want. That’s why for the past 20 years, we’ve been relentlessly perfecting our tested and proven media buying strategies. Not only do we expect our clients to A/B test us to ensure we are bringing them the best value for their investment, we welcome it. We believe in our work and what we’re capable of achieving for our clients, because we’ve got the track record to prove that it works.

We’ve developed a proprietary formula designed to outperform the competition and get you more cases. All you have to do is pick your tort, and we will create an ad at no cost to you and develop a custom media buying strategy to increase your caseload.

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How It Works

  1. Pick your tort & decide how much you want to invest.

  2. Our award-winning production team will create an ad at no cost to you.

  3. A custom media strategy will be developed by our elite media buying team, specifically tailored towards generating optimal results at the best possible cost. Based on your chosen MDL and the competitive environment at the time, your strategy may include syndicated television, remnant cable television, digital platforms, such as Facebook or the myriad of Google platforms, or a blend of all of them. These custom media placements will be skillfully negotiated by our industry veterans who will ensure we achieve maximum monetary efficiency across your campaign.

  4. As a results-driven operation, we will meticulously monitor the performance of your ads and identify opportunities to maximize your profit. Every ad will have a unique tracking number so we can determine where your cases are coming from and develop a strategy to generate even more cases.

  5. We pass qualified leads off to your team or utilize our in-house contract services team to turn those leads into signed cases that are then delivered directly to you.

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Ready to Get More Cases?

We’re here to get you the cases you actually want in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Traditional Media

Our mission is to make your media dollars go further. We’re invested in your success, so we focus solely on results and nothing else. That’s why we don’t charge for creatives, and we focus our efforts on generating the highest value cases possible.

It is no secret that television and direct response advertising go hand-in-hand. This tried and true method remains extremely lucrative for our clients; combined with our data-driven optimization, this platform efficiently generates quality cases.

When it comes to MDL marketing, our goal is to efficiently reach your key demographic, so we buy programs based on our collected data that shows what potential clients are watching in your demographic, and we buy spots during times when they are at home watching and most likely to pick up the phone.

With access to competitive placement of other law firms, we are able to devise strategies that will counter your competitors. We know the estimated budget of the competitors in your market, what shows they are advertising on, how frequently they are running, and the demographic they are targeting. By using this type of market research, we can take advantage of the holes in their strategies, resulting in more market share for your campaign and a bigger return on your investment.

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Digital Media

As your dedicated partner in generating cases for your firm, we’re relentlessly driven by results. In order to eliminate the competition and get the most cases at the most cost-effective rate, sometimes a media mix is necessary. That’s why we have created a formula for securing high-value cases on Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, and wherever the most profitable and highly-converting audience is at. We know what message to put in front of your audience and when to put it in front of them to make them want to fill out your form and hire you for their MDL or mass tort case.

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Your Media Buying Team

Brad Wormer

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, nothing happens without Brad Wormer’s approval. Brad has been helping our clients get the cases that will generate the most growth for more than 15 years and is heavily involved in the success of all of our clients. No matter how efficient our processes, how much money our clients made on an MDL campaign, or how happy our clients are, Brad is the one in the room asking how we can be even more efficient, make even more for our clients, and make our clients even happier.

Kylie Murdock

National & Local Media Director

As the National & Local Media Director, Kylie has a deep understanding of what gets our clients the biggest bang for their buck. She and her team focus on buying specific programming, proven to resonate with our clients’ audiences, rather than going after the “hottest” stations on TV. Your business is personal to her. That’s why she is relentlessly fine-tuning our campaigns and finding the next best play by looking at data, competitors in the market, and client results.

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