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Get More Cases With Creatives That Work

We’ve been developing our formula for creatives that make the phone ring for 20 years, and we’re ready to put it to work for you, too.

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Case-Generating Creatives that Make the Phone Ring

If you’re ready to put creatives formulated and proven to get more cases behind your campaign, we’re here to make it happen in the most profitable way possible. We’ve been perfecting our results-driven formula for case-generating creatives for 20 years. With our experience, proven strategies, and award-winning creative services team, we can create campaigns for you that make the phone ring while you focus on settling cases.

Social Media

Meet your clients where they’re at with strategic, results-driven social media ads. The ever-changing world of social media can be a beast to take on by yourself, but our innovative social media experts are well-versed in what works and are dedicated to continuously testing new strategies and platforms to get our clients the cases they actually want. With years of experience and a Facebook Marketing Partnership under our belt, we will create social media creatives for your campaign that turn social media users into qualified leads.


Why settle for reaching part of your audience when you could reach all of it? Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day, the majority of viewers being in the 18-49 age range. Our trackable ads have been perfected over 20 years and proven to get viewers to pick up the phone and call. We can create YouTube ads designed to reach your younger audience that’s not watching TV and turn them into leads and cases.


To complement and enhance your media mix, our team will create action-driven radio advertising on your behalf designed to generate a high volume of valuable cases. We’ve been strategizing successful, lucrative radio advertising campaigns longer than anyone else in the industry and can track your ads directly to the leads and cases we secure for you with the unique numbers we give your listeners to call.


Your Creative Team

Billy Senese

Creative Director

An award-winning film director, Billy is Whitehardt’s Creative Director and oversees every creative strategy and ensures your expectations are not only met but exceeded. As someone who has been with Whitehardt since its inception, he understands our clients’ wants and needs and is the guiding voice for all our creatives. He will be with you throughout your campaign to ensure we are fulfilling all requests in a timely manner and to your specific tastes.

Dycee Wildman

Director of Creative Services

Dycee Wildman is our Director of Creative Services. She serves as the creative lead for all assets we produce and works with her team to ensure all paid ads meet the highest standards and align with each client’s brand. Dycee will put the time and attention needed into your creatives to bring your brand to life through TV spots, digital ads, OOH placements, and more.

Katie McCall

Director of Video Production

Katie McCall is our Director of Video Production. She leads all of our in-house creative production, shepherding our client’s creatives from pre-production, through production, and on to our post-production team. Katie serves as our lead cinematographer and photographer, and works with her team to ensures all our client’s shoots go off without a hitch.

Brandon Nease

Associate Creative Director

An Associate Creative Director’s job is to understand the vision of the final product and facilitate everything that needs to be done along the way to make it happen. From working with clients to come up with new ideas to writing scripts, directing commercials and supervising the crew, and helping the post-production team craft the edit – Brandon oversees all aspects of a production. He also works with the Operations and AE departments to help plan and manage your future creative needs.

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