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Six Search Engine Optimization Tactics Your Personal Injury Law Firm Should Be Using

One of the best online strategies that can boost a law firm’s bottom line is a solid SEO strategy. With the right strategy in place, your law firm can increase customers, spread brand awareness, and inspire positive reviews to further overall revenue. SEO strategy should be looked at as an ongoing initiative, constantly being maintained and improved.

What SEO Tactics Will Improve My Search Rank?

There’s a lot of debate about what goes into Google’s algorithm and why certain sites rank for different keywords while others don’t. Since that information is proprietary, no one can know exactly what combination of steps will give you the coveted top search result. However, what we can do is come up with a solid strategy by noting what the most successful websites have in common. These are the kinds of things that make up a great webpage:

Quality Content

Easier said than done, creating quality content means listening to your clients and then creating content that both engages and answers questions. Quality content is vital to any SEO strategy, and can make or break a digital marketing campaign.

Quality Links To Website

After creating quality content, it’s essential to implement links that take into account the different ranking factors from numerous search engines. Links need to be constantly checked, evaluated, and revised if necessary to give consumers the best content that is truly quality.

Subject Matter Expert

In any industry and company, it’s vital to have an industry expert that can create conversations, answer questions, and further discussions to expand your brand online. Implementing a subject matter expert can result in more followers, additional links to your website, blog posts and social media shares, and a general trust among your consumers that content is high quality and shareable.

Solid Content Marketing Strategy

In order to succeed, your law firm should have a content strategy focused around top keywords. With keyword research you can then create blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, research reports, webinars, and corresponding social media posts. This helps further people linking to your page and creates credibility for the business, causing your search ranking to further improve. Significant, high-quality links are an essential part of any content marketing strategy, and should be thought of throughout the process. Regular content creation also shows search engines that your website is alive, active, and consistently producing.

Powerful Backlinks

Both an influencer and a content marketing strategy can help in the development of backlinks. Part of an overall SEO strategy should include seeking people to link to you by writing for large publications, industry interviews, and recommending your stellar content to people who post often and are a leader in the industry. Hiring a public relations firm can also be a smart move in this process, as they can help with outreach initiative and develop further ideas.

Mobile-Friendly Website

It’s no secret that internet searches are now mainly conducted through mobile phones, not desktops and laptops. In an increasingly mobile world, it’s essential to make sure both your site and your content is mobile friendly and responsive. This is also a great time to consider app development and creation. If it makes sense for your business, an app can be a great way to both further content and expand brand awareness.

The Takeaway

These days SEO strategy is not about feeding Google what we think it wants. By doing that, you place the cart before the horse. Google’s goal is to satisfy searcher intent. Their credibility as a search engine rests on their ability to give you, the user, exactly what you’re looking for. Therefore, if you want to rank you need to satisfy users – not the Google bots!

SEO strategies are complex and constantly evolving. Creating and maintaining a solid SEO strategy is not optional in today’s business world – it is essential. Learn more about how to develop your SEO strategy by clicking here or contacting Whitehardt, Inc. today.

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