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Why Personal Injury Law Firms Should Be Active on Facebook

Facebook is the original social media channel that took the world by storm. It’s a popular, free networking site that allows users to create profiles, post pictures and videos, send messages, and mainly keep up with friends, families, colleagues, and businesses. Because of its extreme growth and world-wide usability, most law firms today have a Facebook page.

However, simply because the page exists doesn’t mean that it is being used to its full capability. Facebook has many options and uses specifically for business that are often ignored or looked over. In order to propel your brand format and truly engage with both current and prospective customers, it’s absolutely essential to ensure that your law firm remains both active and a genuine thought leader on the company Facebook page.

More than simply posting to the company page and responding to comments on Facebook posts, companies are realizing the direct effect from responding to direct messages between consumer and company. Many people may reach out to a company on Facebook with a direct message to ask a question, resolve an issue, or learn more information. Because it is used often and presents many benefits, it’s important for law firms to have someone that directly deals with direct messages and is trained to handle requests, questions, and complaints through social media.

Customer service through Facebook shows no signs of slowing down, and gives your business the unique opportunity to set yourself apart as knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. In a recent study, over 67% of people surveyed stated that they had used social media in the past to address a customer service issue. With numbers like that, it’s time to get behind establishing a solid social media response campaign and begin implementing change in your law firm.

What Your Clients Expect

Younger age groups in particular are likely to engage with businesses through social media, and quick and quality customer service ranks very important for customer satisfaction with both brands and businesses. Recognizing that reaching out to resolve an issue or ask a question through Facebook is both faster and more convenient, companies can focus more on creating reach and public impact from responding quickly to consumers on all social channels.

By keeping a better eye on social channels and responding to direct messages and posts on the company page, companies can be better at controlling the discussion and making sure the topic is focused on the company and product, rather than a ranting ground of complaints. With a direct message options, businesses can take certain conversations that could be potentially negative offline, and resolve the issue privately.

Direct messages also provide the opportunity to get faster, real-time responses that keep the customer engaged and quickly resolve a potential issue. Fast response time also relieves customers and can strengthen overall faith in the brand. Providing real-time customer service can create better purchasing decisions and customers for life.

Using Facebook direct messages to connect with your customers presents multiple benefits and numerous opportunities to further your brand and set your law firm apart as a caring, dedicated, and informative company. Begin implementing change in your social strategy for Facebook direct messages today to gain more customers and reap more benefits down the road.

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