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Why You Need To Pay Attention To Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews, like all business reviews, are growing increasingly important in today’s online marketplace. With more and more people turning to Facebook to learn about businesses and search for an injury attorney, it’s becoming essential to pay close attention to reviews and other information listed online.

Facebook recently released a new feature that provides notifications to people who have recently checked into specific locations. This notification asks for a review about the place visited, regardless of the area, industry, or location. This new feature is yet another way for consumers to share where they are and what they are doing within social circles. Facebook’s new feature allows consumers to check in to many locations. Everything from hospitals to restaurants to everyday business are open to check-ins and reviews.

As consumers visit businesses and seek to share their experiences, Facebook seeks to gain a better understanding of specific businesses and provide the most well-rounded review process so consumers can make better buying decisions. Unlike Yelp, which often shows negative reviews from the few unhappy vendors while leaving out the many average or above average experiences, Facebook reviews make it easier to quickly check-in and provide feedback, ensuring that feedback is complete and well-rounded.

The Landscape is Changing

In addition to Yelp mainly showing negative reviews, Yelp also creates a feeling of needing to boost ratings and reviews by having employees promote positive reviews, and set up customers who leave positive feedback on the site. Resulting in an inaccurate scale, Facebook seeks to fill the void and ensure that businesses are represented accurately and fairly with the most up to date information available.

Because Facebook is a platform that many people use on a daily basis, it’s a better representation of everyday experience and ratings. By having a notification appear on news feed after checking in at a location, more reviews can be submitted offering a well-rounded glimpse into the benefits and drawbacks of businesses.

With this new update, businesses should see an increase in traffic, check-ins, and eventually reviews. Reviews on each page can eventually become more accurate and result in Google indexing Facebook pages as a primary resource for reviews.

What This Means for Lawyers

As a law firm, it’s important to pay attention to Facebook reviews for a number of reasons. Paying attention to reviews ensures that you respond quickly and accurately, establishing better communication with your audience. Responding to reviews in a personal and professional manner communicates that you care, both about the business and your clients. Responding to reviews also shows well for future clients and provides a more personal side to the company. Deciding to dedicate personnel to responding to online reviews pays off in the long run.

Paying attention to Facebook reviews and responding accordingly is a great way to establish better relationships with your audience and further spread the growth of both company and brand. When law firms seek to set themselves apart as a caring, compassionate company with a desire to personally help, more clients will be interested in using the law firm’s services and spreading their positive reviews to more and more people.

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