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15 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Facebook Live

Facebook Live, a recent addition to Facebook that allows its news feed featuring live videos to appear higher as they are shown live. This new addition also had numerous live viewed reactions and filters available and displayed in real time.

While this feature is still in the early stages, many companies are beginning to learn more and implement it into their digital marketing strategy. Live videos are viewed up to ten times more frequently than regular Facebook video feed, and users watch a live video more than three times longer. What are some best practices for using this newly engaging Facebook feature?

Don’t Use Facebook Live Just To Use It

In order to make sure Facebook Live is right for your company, it’s essential to determine focus in both customer retention and influencer marketing in order to justify the cost. No immediate success is guaranteed, and it’s important to not put all your digital marketing budget in one basket.

Seek To Define A Purpose

Before diving into Facebook Live, determine the company’s purpose and goals for it. Define topics that will work well and consistently reevaluate to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Consider Live As Part Of The Marketing Whole

Integrate Facebook Live with other marketing features, and make sure to promote your event through your website and other social media channels.

Treat It Like A Party

A great deal of pre-event prep and promotion should be done beforehand, making sure that authenticity remains and room for a little bit of spontaneity.

Set The Stage

Remove any chance of background noise before filming, and also pay attention to the background to make sure there are no potential privacy or confidentiality issues.

Go With The Flow

Go into it planning for not everything to go as planned. This is a test and learn process, and in order to benchmark and grow accept that now every piece of content will be a clear winner.

Prepare For The Worst, Hope For The Best

Try to think through various worst-case scenarios ahead of time in order to be better prepared.

Don’t Be Everything

It’s essential for brands to be sure that the content produced isn’t completely self-promoting. Make sure that the topic is engaging and showcase more than just the company’s point of view.

Focus On Positive

Remain optimistic throughout the stream, and keep your eye on the prize.

Maintain Control Of News

Tune the Facebook algorithm to emphasize certain pieces of content, and seek to maintain steady views rather than a large initial push and then nothing.

Choose Your Audience Well

In-depth targeting beforehand is a great way to ensure that your content reaches the right people. At this time you should determine whether you would like the event to be public or not.

Choose The Right Timing

Select the right time-zone for your target audience, and try to focus on morning as that is when people tend to be the most interested.

Consistency Is Key

Set up a strategy at the beginning to go live at consistent times on consistent days. This builds expected anticipation while also giving your consumers structure.

Offer Reminders While Streaming

Since some customers may join the stream after it’s already underway, it’s courteous to offer short reminders of previous content throughout the stream.

Free Is Best

Taking advantage of this new feature while it is free is a great way to explore your options and gain an expanded audience.

Facebook Live offers marketers numerous opportunities to grow their existing customer base with niche content for free. The time to take advantage of this new feature was yesterday. How can you implement Facebook Live into your law firm marketing strategy?

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