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Five Digital Marketing Tips That Every Law Firm Should Know

Increase the ROI of Your Advertising Dollars With the Help of Our Lawyer Marketing Experts

Today, people turn to the internet whenever they are in need of any goods or services. Searching for an attorney is no different. Online marketing is a crucial method for every law firm, no matter the size, to reach potential clients. The benefits are undeniable.

But between Google, Facebook, pay-per-click (PPC), and search engine optimization (SEO), it can be difficult to know where to start. There’s a lot to consider and optimizing your efforts can be overwhelming, especially when you’re balancing a busy law practice.

How do you know what tactics will work for you? Where should you invest? And, how can you be sure you get the most out of your investment?

That’s where Whitehardt comes in. We’re a full-service lawyer marketing agency that works with some of the most successful personal injury and mass tort brands across the country.

Our marketing team has one mission: to help our clients attract and sign the highest quality cases.

Keep reading for our top five tips every law firm should know to get the most return on your marketing investment:

1. Build a Clean Website That Engages Visitors

First and foremost, a strong website is not just important but expected by potential clients. Having a modern, up-to-date site that is mobile friendly and easy to navigate gives your firm instant credibility.

While you likely know the importance of having a presence on the web, your website isn’t something you can just set and forget. A poorly designed site that isn’t engaging and regularly maintained will not be effective. Every attorney needs a high quality, informative website that represents the face of their brand and makes it easy for visitors to contact their firm. This will turn an average site into an important lead generating tool.

2. Invest in SEO…But Understand That Results Won’t Be Immediate

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Your website is the hub of your online presence but if potential clients can’t find it easily, they will likely hire someone else. Think about it. When you google a service, are you more likely to click on the first or second listing or one you have to scroll forward a few pages to find? Probably the former, right?

Investing in SEO is a great way to bring more traffic to your website and help visitors find your law firm online organically. The higher your site ranks in search engine results, the more visible you will be to potential clients and the more likely they will be to call your firm when they need legal help.

Efforts such as blogging, keyword driven content, and building online citations are a few ways to ensure a search-friendly site and improve your current rankings.

While investing in SEO is crucial for generating long-term success and case leads, keep in mind that results won’t be immediate. It takes time and a solid amount of effort to organically increase your online rankings.

3. Target Potential Clients With a Digital Ad Campaign

Paid search ads, on the other hand, appear above organic search listings, so your law firm’s ad can be at the top of the page immediately and reach people searching for legal representation right away.

PPC advertising is quickly becoming the norm in online marketing for attorneys. In fact, “lawyer” and “attorney” are among the priciest keywords in Google Adwords, according to Forbes. Google Adwords will host your ad and you pay them every time someone clicks on your ad. With PPC, you have the ability to set up ads in multiple places and track where you receive the most clicks.

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What’s more, you can target potential clients in particular geographic areas. For example, if you run a Google Ad campaign targeting your surrounding counties, your website will appear any time someone searches for a personal injury attorney in that county.

Digital ad campaigns are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to position your firm in front of people who are searching for an attorney. However, if you don’t know how to find your target demographic or optimize your campaign, you likely won’t see a good ROI.

4. Utilize Social Media

Don’t think social media is important for your law firm? It is. Having a presence on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, is a necessity because it allows you to engage with your audience, promote fresh web content, build brand awareness, and improve your organic search rankings.

Plus, social media is a great space to let your firm’s personality shine through. Potential clients want to hire an attorney they can trust. Staying active on social media establishes trust and lends credibility to your firm.

5. Don’t Ignore Online Reviews

Online reviews are an important part of your overall online presence. Many times, positive reviews from past clients are the social proof that future clients need in deciding to hire your law firm.

Having a strategy in place to increase positive reviews and quickly handle negative ones is a great way to further invest in your online presence. Taking your reputation seriously and highlighting positive reviews can make the difference in whether a client chooses you over another attorney.

We’ll Optimize Your Marketing Campaign, You’ll Reap the Benefits

Your time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent figuring out how to be an expert on things that don’t pertain to the law. Attempting to manage all the complex moving parts of a successful marketing campaign alone will not only be time-consuming but, if done incorrectly, can end up costing you a lot of money for poor results.

Whitehardt is staffed with lawyer marketing experts who will customize strategies to your needs and execute those strategies in a way that ensures success for your firm. We’ll optimize your marketing campaign, and you’ll reap the benefits.

To learn more about our marketing services and how we can grow your business, call us today at info@whitehardt.com, or fill out our contact form.

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