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Six Simple SEO Tactics That Will Boost Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Search Rank

Various SEO tactics can bring additional traffic to a blog, help further creation of relevant content, and eventually help the company grow and bring in additional clients. There are many simple SEO tactics that can be implemented to boost your firm’s search rank.

Don’t Focus on Marketing, Focus on Discovering

SEO provides the beauty of not directly providing a marketing message to a defined audience; instead, it helps the discovery process to find out exactly what clients are searching for online. This in turn makes it easier to create content focused on what the audience wants and deliver it in an ideal timeline.

Constantly Review and Revise

Google seeks content that directly matches search queries. Since queries can change fairly often, it’s important to maintain fluidity in your SEO plan. What may work one week may need to be revised the next – the key is to recognize and adapt.

Create Wide Wheels of Content

Casting a large net in fishing also applies to creating SEO content. While the basics should be covered relating to your business and the services you provide, additional content should focus on other issues that people are interested in, with a tie in to your business.

Focus on long-tail keywords

Many people often think in short, one word keywords when deciding SEO goals and PPC campaigns. The problem with this is that an entire market is not being put to fair use. Creating the exact content people are looking for with precise pages makes it easy for that particular page to rise to the top. 

Focus on Becoming Mobile-Friendly

User-based features are continually ranking hire. Becoming mobile friendly is a huge step in improving overall site traffic and conversions. Now more than ever, more searching is taking place through mobile. Another important factor is the overall UX interface. Is it easy for people to answer questions and learn more about your company?

Answering Searcher’s Intent

This can also be called task completion. When people come to your site, do they complete the task they came for? Have their questions and issues been resolved? Having a solid SEO strategy ensures that company focus is placed on answering problems and bringing genuinely interested people to the site.

Gather Info, Tweak, and Repeat

After a set amount of time, gather statistics related to impressions, rankings, click-through rate, bounce rates, time on the website, and eventual conversions. Throughout this process, determine what works and what needs to be fixed. In the end, improved traffic should flow to your site through this constant process.

SEO strategy for improvement on your law firm site should be looked at as a progressive, changing process. SEO in general is a fairly new concept; implementing it as a strong part of your website and marketing has become an absolute necessity. Through targeted SEO and implementation of best practices, improved traffic that better aligns with your offerings will grow. As visitors find what they are searching for, user intent is met and more business opportunities arise as a result.

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