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Negative reviews in the business world happen more often now than ever before. With greater access, online sharing communities, and the growth of social media, online reviews can now take place across multiple websites. With stellar reviews also come negative reviews. These can often be unavoidable at times and can seem to derail an entire … Read more

Updating company NAP across various listings is an incredibly important part of an overall SEO strategy. First, a few definitions – NAP can be referred to as name, address, and phone number. A citation simply is a mention of the company name, address, or phone number anywhere on the web. Unfortunately, many law firms are … Read more

Various SEO tactics can bring additional traffic to a blog, help further creation of relevant content, and eventually help the company grow and bring in additional clients. There are many simple SEO tactics that can be implemented to boost your firm’s search rank. Don’t Focus on Marketing, Focus on Discovering SEO provides the beauty of … Read more

Building brand awareness through social media can be done if this is the first post or the thousandth. Brand awareness is critical to bringing in and maintaining clients, and having a strong social media presence helps greatly. Becoming a social media savvy law firm may not happen overnight, but through consistent and relevant posting brand … Read more

Many attorneys and law firms across the country are seeing the importance of blogging. Blogging is an informal way to spread content to potential audiences through a wide variety of backgrounds. Because it can require time and effort on the part of the writer, many times attorneys and firms hire a blogging services to routinely … Read more

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