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Four Reasons Why You Should Contribute To Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Blog

Many attorneys and law firms across the country are seeing the importance of blogging. Blogging is an informal way to spread content to potential audiences through a wide variety of backgrounds. Because it can require time and effort on the part of the writer, many times attorneys and firms hire a blogging services to routinely provide blogs and content.

While this can sometimes be a good approach, there is a large need to directly involve the lawyers in the blog writing process, for a number of reasons.

Lawyers Can Solidify the Brand Voice of the Firm

Some brands seek to be more conversational and flowing in blog tone. Others seek to be highly formal and excel in thought leadership. Law firm blogs can come in many shapes and styles, and involving lawyers in the process can help solidify the overall tone desired and maintain consistency throughout different posts and writers.

Guest Blog Posts Switch Things Up

Law firm blogs written by one person or a team of writers can occasionally begin to feel the same. In order to mix it up and add in a fresh take, lawyers are a great option as guest post writers on the company blog. The posts themselves can be short and to the point; the value of a guest post blog is that it adds credibility to both the lawyer and the firm as a whole, and also adds credibility to the blog itself – further expanding readership.

Blogging Naturally Creates Involvement

Regularly contributing to the company blog creates an investment that is hard to achieve in other ways. People who contribute to a blog are more likely to share and promote it, increasing potential audience and converting more readers. Being involved in the blog process means more eyes are on the page to catch potential typos, confusing verbiage, and to offer feedback and opinion.

New Opportunities Arise

Blogs are seen as vital now more than ever in the business world. They can make a company seem much more approachable and knowledgeable. When insight is provided through a blog, readership grows and potential clients follow. Offering thought leadership and knowledge through a company blog, with attribution listed is a great way for potential clients to know who wrote what, as well as know who to reach out to if they are seeking services.

Along with presenting new opportunities, regularly contributing to a blog can help a company as a whole realize where focus should be placed and what issues matter to potential clients. This can be incredibly helpful especially as a comments section is facilitated and used regularly on your blog. Genuine comments and concerns can be answered in future blog posts, can change keywords, and can result in more clients and increased revenue if those concerns are answered.

Contributing regularly to the company blog has many benefits. As mentioned above, each blog for every company is different; it’s necessary now more than ever to realize the importance of regular blogging but also create a mentality of regularly contributing. While it may be easy to simply hire a firm, staying involved in the process can bring a multitude of benefits to both your professional life and the company image as a whole.

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