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Six Helpful Hints on How to Manage a Winning PPC Campaign for Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Managing a winning PPC campaign can improve company image, boost quality visits to your site, and give a better idea of the ideal target audience and keywords to pursue. When it comes to managing a PPC campaign, focus on working smarter, not harder. Finding the perfect ad groups, keywords, and text are just part of the puzzle. Successful management combines best practices with solid lead generation. Managing a successful campaign is done best when focus is placed on these areas:

Continually Set Solid Goals and Strategy

Meet with relevant stakeholders to determine the PPC campaign goals and strategy at the beginning. Throughout the process, remember that goals can be fluid and should be revised to best meet company needs. Keywords may need to be revised; a landing page may need different copy. Continually align campaign goals with overall strategy for guaranteed success.

Determine AdWords Account Needs with Solid Planning

Creating multiple campaigns for a single product can result in confusion and unnecessary work. A seamless AdWords account aligns one campaign with one product. Confusion is eliminated through this tactic. This can also have a positive impact on overall click-through rates and the entire PPC campaign.

Perfect Keyword Strategy

Designing a way to keep track of potential keywords and descriptive names is ideal for an expanding company seeking to grow their online presence. For some companies, that can be as simple as creating an Excel document for keywords that can be addressed and added when necessary. Numerous tools like SEM Rush or Google’s Keyword Planner can help find phrases and words with high searches, and provide additional options for a specific company.

Put Analytics First

Executive teams and board members alike are mostly interested the final number. As a marketer, it’s essential to implement conversion tracking as part of an overall analytics strategy, and know which keywords resulted in a conversion or product purchase. This can result in furthering what works and eliminating what doesn’t.

If a Word Doesn’t Work, Reevaluate

If ads are appearing for irrelevant keywords it’s important to dig deeper. Dedicate some time to managing a list of both relevant and irrelevant keywords to eliminate what is unnecessary.

Automate When Possible

In order to ensure no mistakes are made and budgets are kept, it’s important to create customized alerts and automated rules to monitor the effectiveness of specific campaigns. This is especially important when managing multiple accounts.

Properly managing a pay per click campaign can be simple with the right tools, background, and a well thought out strategy. As mentioned above, remember the importance of continually setting solid goals, determining AdWords early and properly planning execution, perfecting keyword strategy and maintaining adaptability, putting analytics first, reevaluating, and automating.

A successful PPC campaign should be looked at as a constant work in progress, with new ideas, keywords, and landing pages created often. Finding what works and what doesn’t can be the difference between a mediocre campaign and a successful campaign. While one can’t completely set it and forget it, working smarter and not harder can be the key to PPC campaign success.

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