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How Live Chat Can Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm

Curious About Live Chat? Our Marketing Agency For Lawyers Can Help.

In the digital age, generating and converting leads takes work. Digital strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO) and a well-designed website are essential to standing out online and attracting visitors. However, it’s equally important to connect with those visitors once they reach your site.

Live chat can be a great option to interact with potential clients and improve conversion rates. In fact, according to a 2016 study by the American Marketing Association, customers who use live chat are three times more likely to make a purchase from a website they visit than those who don’t.

If your goal is to increase conversions, incorporating live chat can improve not only the number but the quality of leads you receive. Whitehardt, a full-service broadcast TV and digital marketing agency for lawyers, is here to tell you why your law firm needs live chat and how you can implement it for the most success.

The Benefits of Live Chat for Lawyers

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Most people have visited one site or another that has prompted them to talk with a live person via an online chat invitation. However, many attorneys assume that this service is only for e-commerce sites.

While individuals searching for legal services definitely do have different needs than someone looking to buy clothes or home appliances, live chat can still be extremely advantageous for lawyers looking to turn more site visitors into clients. Here are just a few of the benefits of live chat for lawyers:

Offers Immediate Engagement

People with real legal issues typically want to speak with an attorney as quickly as possible. Imagine, a potential client visits your site with a pressing question. Even if they find the design innovative and the content informative, you will be far more likely to sign up their case by quickly communicating with them and addressing their questions.

Live chat offers a way for attorneys to engage site visitors immediately. Although it isn’t the same as consulting an actual attorney, it allows the visitor to interact, ask initial questions, explain their issue to a caring operator, and provide contact information if they choose. This not only comforts potential clients but builds trust and lets them engage with your firm before ever speaking with you or your staff.

Allows You to Connect With Your Visitors in Another Way

Another benefit of live chat is that it offers yet another way for potential clients to contact your firm. While some people will prefer to pick up the phone or simply fill out your contact form, these options may not be ideal for those who can’t talk on the phone or want immediate assistance outside of your office hours.

Law firm websites that incorporate live chat have an advantage over those that don’t. By offering another means of communication, you will be able to engage with site visitors in a way that a contact form and traditional phone call cannot.

Makes Your Site a Stronger Conversion Tool

The goals behind your website should, ultimately, be to:

  • Establish your brand on the web.
  • Provide helpful information.
  • Convert visitors with valid legal claims into leads that may turn into paying clients.

Ensuring your site is easy to navigate and full of relevant content will satisfy the first two goals. However, incorporating live chat will address the third by making your website a stronger conversion tool.

Features of Live Chat

Now that you understand the benefits of live chat, it’s important to understand some of the specific features. At Whitehardt, we implement Apex Chat’s live chat software into our clients’ websites. Apex Chat is a leading provider of live chat solutions for law firms.

Here are some of the most important features of Apex Chat’s software:

  • Several chat agents available 24/7
  • Live phone call transfer
  • Trained operators in numerous practice areas
  • Pre-defined scripts
  • Customizable messenger
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • CRM Integration

Make Live Chat a Successful Part of Your Intake Strategy With Whitehardt’s Help

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As with any good conversation strategy, live chat takes time and effort. However, if you know how to implement the feature successfully, it will prove to be a worthwhile investment for your business.

Utilizing live chat software, such as Apex Chat, is a great solution for busy attorneys who don’t have the time or resources to give their intake system the attention it needs. With professional and courteous virtual receptionists trained to handle inquiries in your specific practice areas, you will be able to qualify and convert leads without stressing over who is managing the phones.

Whitehardt will not only incorporate live chat software into your site but continuously measure the data to ensure the feature is being optimized to your business needs and goals. For example, we monitor all of the chat data our clients receive on a monthly basis and deliver only qualified leads that your firm is interested in pursuing.

Furthermore, this data allows us to make any necessary updates to the script or other processes. This ensures that your live chat feature fits with your brand and portrays your firm in the best possible light to potential clients.

Call Us if You Want to Convert More Leads

Whitehardt is specifically a marketing agency for lawyers. Our legal marketing team is dedicated not only to generating more leads for our clients, but the highest quality leads. In order to do so, we are constantly perfecting our processes and finding the best ways to get your firm more cases.

Live chat is a great method for turning a low-conversion website into an interactive tool that quickly engages potential clients, thus increasing the chances that they will become signed cases for your firm.

If you want to learn more about live chat or other ways you can generate and convert more leads, give Whitehardt a call at info@whitehardt.com or fill out our contact form today.


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