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4 Key Metrics Your Pay-Per-Click Agency Should Be Measuring for Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Hiring a PPC agency can seem like a difficult task. You of course want to make sure that they are qualified, can answer questions, and can elevate your online presence. When selecting a PPC agency, or auditing the one you currently have, it’s essential to look at 3 key metrics.

Inbound marketing campaigns require good analytics to work. With so many options of what to track, it can be difficult to determine what KPIs are the most important and which ones matter for your business. Most PPC agencies, if not all, typically look at metrics such as impressions, click through rate, quality score, time on page, ad rank, and conversion rate. It’s easy to see why PPC analytics can become overwhelming quickly.

What Information Should You Be Looking At?

KPIs are not all created equal. It’s important to realize that KPIs must be directly linked to real company success in order to reduce time and effort waster tracking meaningless numbers. Tracking online efforts and the right KPIs makes campaigns more likely to succeed; by paying attention to these 3 KPIs, companies can grow while furthering the brand and expanding the client base.


Traffic metrics include click through rate, cost-per-click, and clicks in general. They are one of the easiest metrics to gather, mostly because every PPC platform tracks it for you. Traffic metrics are the perfect place to get started, and make it easy to quickly determine which campaigns are resulting in the most clicks for the lowest cost. Traffic metrics provide vital feedback for which ads are being seen and whether or not the ad truly resonates with viewers. This results in unnecessary keywords being eliminated and allows better customizes ads that truly match what the customer is looking for.


In order to make sure your site is receiving traffic from the right people, it’s essential to track conversions in addition to general traffic. Tracking all conversions helps you know what customers think of your ads. While conversion tracking may take additional effort in the beginning, they often are very low-maintenance and are easy to track. Conversions are also generally seen as a more valuable measurement than traffic, because those that can convert have a higher interest in your company and can result in a qualified lead.

Return on Investment

While both traffic and conversion metrics provide invaluable data and are great metrics to track, return on investment is the best way to tag revenue to prospects. Currently, only 21% of companies actually track revenue. That simply means that everyone else isn’t aware if their marketing efforts are actually making money. Why do companies tend to not track ROI?

For one, it is one of the most difficult metrics to track. Law firms must work with a PPC agency to make sure a CRM tool is integrated and managed in order to optimize campaigns for profit.

Optimizing all marketing with ROI analytics is essential to a successful and continuing PPC campaign. When it’s time to decide budgets and costs for the coming year, providing strong analytics with proven success of campaigns can make all the difference.

Maintaining a view into the 3 metrics listed above, whether your PPC needs are addressed in house or with an agency, is essential to successful business. These significant metrics should be top of mind for PPC agencies, and as a law firm it’s important to remain aware and knowledgeable of PPC changes.

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