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How To Implement Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Brand Story Effectively

Content marketing can be done effectively in multiple ways. With case studies, infographics, eBooks, whitepapers, blog posts, and social, it’s vital to make sure that content truly reflects both the brand and company. One of the best ways to elevate current and future content is by telling the company story.

Telling a company story can work greatly to help humanize and put a face to a large law firm. Telling a story can also work effectively through multiple mediums of content marketing. A good brand story has the power to both stick with an audience and keep them returning for more content.

An important part of telling a company story includes adding both the internal and external considerations, instead of skipping straight to the external part. What are the important internal considerations?

Start by asking what does your brand mean to both employees and clients? Does it differ between stakeholders and management? From there, consider the culture of the company. What are the values that drive the company? What do you want current and future customers to see and think when they view your company?

By considering both the values and culture, marketing teams can better determine the best ways to implement that throughout the story. Language and voice are equally important internal considerations that can play a role in telling the company story. During this part of brainstorming, it can help to interview employees in different departments within the company for insights into how the company works from their level, as well as ideas that make it better.

During the phase, it also helps to determine the overall voice of the company and what makes it a cohesive brand. The voice of the company ties into how a company is portrayed externally, and should be used throughout the story as a reference point to keep in mind.

After developing a story strategy, it’s time to look at external considerations and develop a plan. To create an effective company story, it’s important to focus on effective messaging with subtle persuasion. In order to gain attention, keep it, and be remembered afterward, the brand story should be easy to understand and more importantly, be memorable.

For effective messaging, it’s essential to find the right messenger. Law firms should strive to have a consistent person or voice for all messaging. These people are those that have a direct tie to the company, or work as a specific spokesperson. Regardless of background, it’s important to use someone that can and will remain truly devoted to the brand.

Throughout the message, pulling the audience in as well as re-engaging at the end can go a long way to solidify the story and the brand. Brands require time to build and maintain. Because of this, it’s unrealistic to expect a complete change overnight. Telling a brand story and making sure that it permeates through every piece of content is no easy feat, it requires constant dedication and a marketing team that is both focused and dedicated to making sure the brand is king.

With time, implementing the brand story into each piece of content should become second nature. Through successful storytelling and constant upkeep, your law firm can become more recognizable and gain more followers through each piece of content.

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