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Six Ways Search Engine Optimization & Pay-Per-Click Work For Your Personal Injury Legal Marketing Strategy

Throughout digital marketing strategy today, PPC and SEO are often seen as two separate entities. While it’s true that both require resources and time, it’s important to realize that PPC and SEO work best overall when applied in tandem. Both SEO and PPC should be seen as two sides of the same coin: search. In order to have a more successful strategy, it’s essential to pair SEO and PPC. How can pairing the two assist in an overall legal marketing strategy?

Added Exposure

Combining PPC and SEO strategy means added exposure on search engine results pages. After certain terms reach number one, many clients reduce PPC and assume that they are done. However, effective PPC management requires dominating both organic and paid search results, further establishing presence within certain markets.

Keyword Data

Running organic and PPC campaigns provides companies with double the data to help determine which organic and PPC keywords provide the highest conversion rate. This then helps optimize overall marketing strategy while reducing resources and time spent.

PPC Ads Influence Organic

It’s said that what works best for PPC often works best for SEO as well. By analyzing which PPC ads work best, companies can have a better idea of which title tags, meta descriptions, and page content will perform best. PPC ads that test particular page attributes provide immediate results, and can help determine what works as well as what doesn’t instead of spending hours of time testing individual titles and meta descriptions.

Data For Keywords

Enabling site search on the law firm website makes it simple to analyze which terms are frequently used, and provides valuable insights into customer’s needs and search habits. By using site search data, companies can further determine which keywords are searched for most and plan accordingly.

Negative PR

Combined SEO and PPC efforts can greatly alleviate any PR mess-up. Visibility allows you to guide the conversation in beneficial ways according to certain terms. Using this technique ensures that your side of the story is told, instead of customers only seeing negative information when searching for a particular keyword.

Social Media Growth

Highly targeted advertising opportunities are now found through all social media channels. By pairing SEO and PPC strategies, you can create highly-targeted ads for specific social media audiences, and create relevant content directly for them.

PPC and SEO are equally important parts of any effective marketing strategy. By planning the implementation and continual monitoring of both, and effectively using the two together, law firms can see great strides in online presence and see both organic and paid results rise.

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