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Six Reasons Why You Should Refresh Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Website

Site updates are an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Site updates ensure that everything is running properly and displaying correctly. Site updates provide both current and new clients with a fresh look, easier navigation, and provide the perfect opportunity to refresh other content. Simply put, websites are constant.

When employees have gone home and social media updates have taken a break for the night, a website remains. Websites are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business on the internet and if done correctly, can make businesses much more accessible.

An attorney website is no different. In order to be seen as a thought leader and at the top of the field, a website refresh is no longer optional, but necessary. Why should company websites be routinely updated?

Design and visual appeal

Websites are truly a reflection of overall organizations. When design and visual appeal are updated and professional, people will stay on the site longer and continually return. With useful information prominent and an overall page that is both harmonious and consistent, companies will see an overall increase in traffic.

Update or remove content

Content that has dates listed should be reviewed at least every year to ensure that it is still relevant and helpful. If content is evergreen and remains constant, it’s important to give it a fresh read and make updates as necessary to improve the content and keep people returning to the site.

Responsiveness and Mobile

Having a website that is both responsive and mobile-friendly is one of the smartest things companies can do. With mobile search surpassing desktop, information that is displayed well on mobile can greatly increase traffic and ensure that more people continually return for information and content.

SEO update

With the right SEO, website rankings can greatly increase. It’s important to routinely review SEO goals and strategy as part of an overall marketing campaign. Digital marketing and SEO is important to continually refresh so that you are answering questions for web users and continually ranking higher for relevant keywords.

Locations and Devices

To decrease bounce rates, it’s important to segment traffic to understand how traffic is performing within a local area. With large corporations and numerous locations, it’s essential to ensure that irrelevant visits don’t skew the data and that locals find the most relevant content possible.


Usability can affect more than just bounce rate. A high bounce rate often provides the first sign that people are visiting your site and quickly leaving without diving into content or searching on deeper pages. With the ease of navigation and a clear call-to-action on every page, visitor’s overall experience will improve. For a deeper dive, seek to routinely review how easy the site is to use, how simple it is to find information, and how long it takes the overall site and pages to load.

A website refresh is the perfect time to update numerous areas of content and usability. With a proper plan in place and a continual drive to review and make the process easier for users, companies can see a large increase in traffic and continually assist users in finding relevant, timely information.

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