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Everything You Need to Know About Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Google My Business Listing

Google My Business pages are a great way to bring local insight to your business and improve local SEO at the same time. There are many common myths and questions about Google My Business, and while some are true, some are fiction. Focusing on fact can help companies as they evolve, so let’s dispel some fiction first.

Myth: Deleting a Google My Business listing removes everything from Google

Many people encounter this issue when there are duplicate listings. When going into delete a listing, Google automatically asks if you are sure, because all of the content will be deleted. This can in turn make people think that all content relating to their business across all of Google will be quickly deleted – not true. Removing a listing from Google My Business simply makes the listing unverified; it can still exist and even rank with some categories and details.

Myth: Not Claiming Page Means No Rankings

While it’s true that leaving your page unclaimed can result in less page growth and rank overall, not claiming a listing does not mean that no rankings will occur. It’s best when verifying information to add as much relevant data about the business as possible, in order to rank better.

Myth: Google+ Posts Help Rankings

Consumers will only see Google+ posts when searching for a business by name. There is no link to Google+ pages within local directories. The two entities are very separate.

Myth: Only Listen to Google Employees, They Know Best

While Google employees are often very educated and can provide a large amount of insight, it’s important to remember that Google employees have virtually no incentive to help certain companies rank well. Some typical advice from Google employees that should be ignored includes: duplicate listings fix themselves on their own over time, or posting on Google+ will definitely help your ranking. Always verify this advice with other case studies and large SEO firms; second opinions can help greatly in this area.

Myth: Creating a Large Map of Service Helps Rankings

Google allows businesses to set a certain radius, and it’s here that many companies decide to go big instead of going home. Google has advised businesses to focus on demonstrating how far they are willing to travel to the customer, while remembering that you will still rank best in the town of your business address.

Myth: When Relocating, Always Mark Listing as Closed

While not all agree on this topic, it’s essential to know that businesses listed as closed simply show a big, red “closed” sign over the listing, without any additional information. This can lead to confusion about the nature of the closing, and doesn’t provide any additional information about new locations, etc. It’s best to edit the address inside the dashboard when moving. After a small waiting period, change the old address to be marked as “moved.”

Keeping tabs on your Google My Business page and staying on top of all the different areas can lead to less confusion and higher customer satisfaction over time. While the solutions to the myths above might be more time-intensive in the beginning, implementing these practices and remaining committed to an updated Google My Business page can bring a great deal of additional, local business.

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