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How To Optimize Your Law Firm’s Marketing with Lead Tracking

Have you thought about whether or not you’re investing your money into the right advertising platform for your firm? What if you’re spending most of your money on social media campaigns, when the majority of your leads are coming from TV ads? Lead tracking can give you insight into where your leads are coming from, so you can invest your money in the platforms and strategies with the highest ROI for your firm.

At Whitehardt, we have developed a system for tracking leads for our clients that allows us to provide them with a crucial understanding of where their leads are coming from and where they should be spending their money.

Continue reading to learn more about lead tracking and how it can help your firm gain more leads.

What Is Lead Tracking?

Lead tracking is a system that helps law firms determine where their leads are originating from, including how the lead found the firm to when they ultimately became a client. This is important because, in today’s world, there are so many different ways to get information, and there are often multiple touch points before someone becomes a lead.

Why Should My Law Firm Track Our Leads?

lawyer using lead tracking to determine return on investmentThe name of the game is ROI. If you’re not tracking your leads, you don’t know where your leads are coming from, which means you don’t know where to invest your budget.

70% of your leads could be coming from 10% of your budget. Lead tracking will help you make performance-based decisions. This means you will have the knowledge that will allow you to invest your money in places where you’re getting the most return, helping you get more leads in the long-run.

Tracking Leads Before They Turn Into Cases

Lead tracking is important and can be extremely beneficial, but it’s not doing much for your firm if you’re not also tracking which leads are actually turning into cases. Remember, quality over quantity.

If you’re getting 100 leads through your website form and only 25 leads through your TV ads, but more leads from your TV ads are actually turning into cases, your TV ads are actually more valuable. If you’re investing your money into leads that don’t end up being qualified cases, you’re wasting your money.

Whitehardt Can Help You Learn How to Track Your Leads the Right Way

As performance-based marketers and advertisers, we track leads in everything we do at Whitehardt. From television commercials to social media posts, we know exactly where our clients’ leads are coming from. There are so many different sources on the internet, so it’s important to have many different tracking systems in place. However, this can make trying to track leads on your own difficult. If the whole point of lead tracking is efficiency, you should be looking for a way to do it that isn’t a burden on you.

Utilizing the right suite of tools and having the right team on your side is so important to ensure good ROI. Our team has the knowledge and resources necessary to help your firm obtain more qualified leads through efficient lead tracking.

To learn more about how you can optimize your marketing strategies with lead tracking, call us today at 615-510-8737, or fill out our online form for a free consultation.

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