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Whitehardt Creates Attorney Television Commercials That Work

Whitehardt’s attorney television ads have been used across the country for dozens of law firms with measurable results. We make recommendations based on our nearly 20 years of experience in the attorney advertising game. We use compelling concepts in all of our attorney advertisements – from mass tort ads that highlight the dangers of a bad drug to defective product to local attorney commercials that garner attention. Our in-house production crew can make nearly any idea you may have for a commercial into a reality at a competitive price. Every aspect of your commercial will be handled with Whitehardt’s expertise, from the art direction to producing the shoot to the final product being put together by our video editors. With Whitehardt, you will receive a creative, well-produced and effective attorney television commercial.

What makes a good attorney television ad?

A good attorney ad is one that makes your phone ring with qualified leads. There are undeniable benefits to advertising on television, from reaching wide audiences with your message and gaining brand recognition, but above all else your advertisement needs to generate leads. Attorney commercials are ubiquitous on television, and your law firm needs to be advertising on television to be competitive. Our commercials are memorable. After viewing your commercial, your potential new client will remember your name, your law firm and the commercial.

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There are a few core principles that make a good attorney ad:

The message should be centered on what you can provide to your clients, not on your credentials. We focus on three principles that will resonate with your audience: speed, results, and ease. Your potential clients want a speedy resolution to their legal issue, a profitable result, and they want it with little hassle on their part. Your ad should address these concerns of your potential clients, and promise speedy, easy, and good results.

Our commercials are meant to get potential clients to pick up the phone or contact you online in that moment. You want to give the audience several call-to-actions and tell them what you want them to do. Your law firm’s phone number should be showing at all times. You want a strong, charismatic attorney to say to the viewers,“Call me and I can help you.” A Whitehardt ad stimulates a direct response from the viewer to contact you immediately. We won’t waste your time or money on just getting your name out there with a branding ad, we produce commercials that are proven to drive more leads to your firm.

Showing happy former clients or spokespersons gives a testament to your law firm’s abilities.  Especially when your potential audience has been going through a tough period in their lives, they will respond to the idea that hiring your law firm can help ease their pain and relieve the stress in their lives.

We Whether you can have paid actors speak as your clients, need a disclaimer, or need non-testimonial language, we will work within each state bar’s attorney advertising guidelines.

Results are an important part of a direct response ad. Before using a service, most people want to have an idea of the outcome they will have. This gives you a way to talk about your past successes. By highlighting past settlements and recoveries in your commercials, viewers get a sense that they are likely to win their case by signing with your firm.

Whitehardt Creates Attorney Television Ads That Are Not Only Effective, But Unique.

"We make custom attorney ads. You’re not buying a canned ad that we just put your number in front of."

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we make some of the most loved ads in the country! Our commercials not only because they look great, but because they work. A good attorney television commercial is memorable.

When someone sits down to watch television, they aren’t tuning in to watch your law firm’s commercial. Any average television viewer has seen an attorney commercial in the breaks between their programming. When every one of your competitors are running commercials, how can your firm’s advertisements stand out from the pack? Our ads grab the attention of the viewer. We utilize several tactics to ensure that your commercial stands out from your competition. From clever catch phrases to unforgettable concepts, when a potential client needs your law firm’s services – they will remember your name.

That’s why all of our ads are copyrighted. We protect the attorneys from having our great ideas used against them. We’re market exclusive, so you’ll never see our concepts, slogans or advertising strategies used by anybody but you.

Our Attorneys Love To Shoot Their Commercials With Us

We have heard from many attorneys that what they experienced in previous commercial shoots was a kid behind the camera whose only direction is, “Do you want another one sir?”.

When our clients come to shoot a new commercial with us, they can expect to have a great experience. One of our goals when directing you in a commercial shoot is that we want you to sound authentic. Kevin will walk you through the way you say your lines – the delivery and the way they sound. We will make sure that you come across as the same attorney that your clients interact with every day. We are invested in the way you are presented and want you represented at your best. By the end, most of our clients leave saying, “That was so easy.”

Ultimately, the commercials we make are for your law firm. Your sensibilities are going to prevail.

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Whitehardt is a leading law firm advertising agency headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Our primary services include television commercials, account managementinternet marketing, media negotiations, law firm consulting and mass tort advertising. To learn more about how we can help your law firm generate more business, please give us a call at info@whitehardt.com or complete our inquiry contact form.

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