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What’s Hot in Mass Tort Legal Marketing – September 2020

“Normal” is starting to look different for law firms across the country as they work to maintain client relationships and generate leads. Many firms have embraced a fully digital practice, checking in with clients and performing case reviews over Zoom meetings, while other firms are doing their best to welcome clients into their offices while adhering to CDC guidelines. Whatever your new “normal” looks like, our team here at Whitehardt is here to help you get results.

We’ve put together our monthly report to show you what’s currently trending in mass tort spending. Our experts are continuing to closely monitor major mass tort campaigns and can provide detailed metrics for every mass tort to ensure you invest your money wisely.

  1. Spending on sexual abuse campaigns has been climbing since July, reaching a high of over $2 million in August. Have you invested in this campaign yet? Now is the time!
  2. Although spending on Roundup® campaigns took a dip in August from its high in July, this mass tort case is still coming in at number two on our mass tort spending leaderboard with over $2 million spent in August.
  3. A steady mass tort campaign, talcum powder campaigns have maintained a position on this leaderboard with a little over $2 million being spent every month since June.
  4. Zantac® campaign spending has been on the rise since June. Starting out just under $1.5 million in June, spending on this mass tort campaign has made its way to nearly $2 million. If you are interested in investing in this mass tort campaign, get in touch with us today for a free consultation.
  5. Spending on mesothelioma campaigns has been steadily declining, but with over $1.5 spent on this mass tort campaign in August, it’s still a contender on our leaderboard this month.
  6. Elmiron® campaign spending is increasing after seeing a dip in July.
  7. Coming in at number seven on our leaderboard, birth injury campaigns are on the rise after decreasing in July.
  8. Hernia mesh campaigns also saw an increase in spending from July, with over $200 thousand spent in August.
  9. Earplug campaign spending saw a significant increase from July, spiking from $34 thousand to over $150 thousand.
  10. Finally, TDF drug campaigns took a dip in spending from July with only $88 thousand spent in August. Despite taking a significant dip in spending, TDF campaigns still made it onto our mass tort spending leaderboard this month, making it a strong campaign to invest in.

We hope this breakdown of last month’s mass tort spending helps you and your firm navigate your spending as you find your new normal. It has been and always will be our mission to support you and your efforts with experienced, researched, and transparent marketing and advertising strategies.

Remember, we’re still here and ready to work for you to help you reach your goals. Our team at Whitehardt produces the highest quality leads that convert into high quality cases. We’ll put the best strategy in place for your law firm to start generating mass tort leads. Send us a message or call us at 615-510-8657 to speak with our accounts team today.

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