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How to Effectively Market Mass Tort Cases

Our Guide for Mass Tort Lawyers Who Want to Generate More Leads

As millions of people are injured every year by dangerous drugs and defective products, many attorneys choose to add mass tort claims to their practice. Law firms of any size can pursue mass tort cases. However, it can be difficult to know how to market your firm in the crowded sea of mass tort lawyers.

That’s where Whitehardt comes in. Check out our guide to effective mass tort marketing and learn how we can help you outperform your competition and attract the highest quality leads.

Better Ads, Better Media Buys

Television continues to be one of the best mediums for displaying your message. By broadcasting an attorney advertisement that is creative and memorable, you will drive viewers to pick up the phone and call your law firm when they need help.

While a great ad is important for reaching a wider audience, it’s also vital to reach the right audience. This is where a strategic media buying plan will make all the difference. There is a synergistic relationship between your advertisement and placing it in front of the right people. Both are essential to effectively marketing for mass tort cases.

A thoughtful media plan will optimize your ad by giving you control over where and when it runs. This will yield higher quality leads that are relevant to your firm, giving you the best return on your media investment.

A Comprehensive Digital Strategy

While TV advertising is important, it’s also vital to reach potential leads online, as people are increasingly consuming media through digital platforms.

From targeted ads to custom landing pages, making a comprehensive digital strategy a part of your mass tort marketing mix will ensure that you are reaching people online who have a need for your services.

24/7 Call Center

Another vital component of effective mass tort marketing is your intake strategy. Having a dedicated system in place will help you manage the increased volume of calls that your ads and media placements will inevitably deliver.

This is where many law firms struggle. Having a 24/7 call center handle your mass tort intake will allow potential clients to contact your firm any day, at any time, even on weekends and during the hours your office is closed. Plus, it will ensure that your staff doesn’t become overwhelmed with more phone calls than they can handle.

A stand-out commercial and savvy media plan are key to attracting the mass tort cases you want to pursue. However, those leads will be difficult to convert into actual signed cases, if you haven’t developed a sophisticated intake strategy.

How Whitehardt Makes it Easy for You to Pursue Mass Tort Cases

Our program is designed to make it easy for you to pursue mass torts, while getting you the most contracts for your investment. Your advertising dollars will go towards media buys built to drive people to the phone; our ads, 800 numbers, and call center services are all included.

When you call us, we’ll sit down with you and discuss the campaign you want to run, what mass tort you would like to pursue, and what constitutes a qualified lead. After that, we’ll handle the rest. The result? You’ll be delivered the highest quality leads available anywhere.

With our mass tort campaigns, all your firm has to manage is sending contracts out to the qualified leads that you choose to represent. It’s that easy.

Mass tort lawyers across the country consistently choose Whitehardt to handle their campaigns. To learn more about Whitehardt and how we can increase your caseload, give our team a call at (615) 577-1010.

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