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What’s Hot in Mass Tort Legal Marketing – November 2020

The end of 2020 is upon us, and while we are enthusiastic about all of our projects and opportunities ahead of us in 2021, we are still working hard for our clients and keeping up with the latest mass tort marketing trends for this year. Our team is here for you, determined to help you exceed your lead generation goals.

We’ve put together our monthly report to show you what’s currently trending in mass tort spending. Our experts are continuing to closely monitor major mass tort campaigns and can provide detailed metrics for every mass tort to ensure you invest your money wisely. To learn more about how you and your firm can invest in the right campaigns for you, contact us today.

  1. Mesothelioma / Lung Cancer cases took the top spot of our mass tort spending leaderboard with over $2 million being spent in November, almost a $500,000 spike from October.
  2. The second campaign on our leader board goes to Zantac®. Spending on this campaign increased in November, reaching nearly $2 million spent. Zantac® has been a top contender on our board for most of 2020. If you haven’t invested in this campaign yet, now is the time. Contact us today to get started.
  3. Spending on Sexual Abuse cases took a significant dip in November, coming in at just under $1 million spent. This dip may look concerning, but we’ve seen these cases on the top of the spending board time after time.
  4. Campaigns for Roundup® cases saw a big spike in spending, almost reaching $1 million spent. Roundup® is another staple in mass tort cases we don’t see leaving our leaderboard any time soon.
  5. The spending on Talcum campaigns has increased from October, exceeding $500,000.
  6. Spending on Birth Injury campaigns took one of the smallest dips we have ever seen here at Whitehardt, but these campaigns are holding strong at over $200,000 in spending and number six on our leaderboard.
  7. Another case that saw a steep decrease in spending from October, Hernia Mesh campaigns fell at number seven on our leaderboard, but still remain prevalent in the world of mass torts. If you’re ready to start investing in Hernia Mesh cases, contact us today to get started.
  8. Spending on Ear Plug cases increased by nearly $100,000 in November. This is after an increase in spending in October.
  9. Elmiron® spending has steadily been decreasing since September, leaving it at number nine on our November leaderboard with just over $150,000 spent.
  10. Finally, HIV Drug cases came in at number 10 on our leaderboard after seeing a significant spike in spending in November.

We hope this breakdown of last month’s mass tort spending helps you and your firm navigate your spending as you plan ahead for the new year and evaluate your 2020 spending.

Remember, we’re still here and ready to work for you to help you reach your goals. Our team at Whitehardt produces the highest quality leads that convert into high-quality cases. We’ll put the best strategy in place for your law firm to start generating mass tort leads. Send us a message or call us at 615-510-8657 to speak with our accounts team today.

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