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How To Choose The Right Pay-Per-Click Agency For Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Finding the right PPC agency for your law firm can often seem like finding the needle in the haystack. Each PPC agency can focus on different areas, strengths, and focuses – and can make it difficult to pick which one will work best. Outsourcing the PPC and SEO of the firm to a third party agency or specialist can free up a lot of time and resources, and can often be a solid investment. However, there is a strong need to make sure that the agency or specialist is a good fit, and knowing what questions to ask and what to look for both before and during the process can save a lot of headache down the road.

Are Expectations Realistic?

What do you expect from the PPC agency? Set clear, defined goals and reevaluate with a PPC professional to see if they are realistic and accurate. Remember to be honest from the very beginning in terms of goals.

What Working Relationship Is Best?

Finding the right work balance that works for both parties is essential for PPC agency success. Again, it’s important to be clear up front with specific timelines and hours per week that you expect to be dedicated to PPC efforts. Try to be flexible in the beginning, and eventually get into the groove of regular, consistent communication to make sure all needs are addressed.

Is The Experience There?

Many PPC agencies offer different services based on one or more areas of the spectrum, but finding a PPC agency that flows from end to end is essential to save both time and money. A solid PPC agency should have experience with landing pages, ads, conversion rate optimization, data analysis, and selling the ideas overall.

Is This Long Term?

Similar to deciding the length of the goals within the PPC campaign, it’s vital to discuss at the beginning whether you wish for this to be a long term relationship or more experimental. Try to make a timeline part of the conversation; are you wanting to bring the work in house within the next 1-2 years or are you planning on outsourcing continually? A desirable agency strives to help with a potential on boarding process as well as possible training for a future replacement. Maintaining a sense of company scale and growth plans as a whole can also help determine the need for future campaigns and intentions involving PPC. Remaining aware of change and growth and making the prospective PPC agency aware as well can ensure that both parties remain on the same page.

There is often a striking difference between a solid PPC agency and an ill-experienced agency. When evaluating an agency, it’s important to pay attention to the competitive landscape, and make sure that there is a need an active search going on for the product and/or service. It’s equally important to have a solid foundation of a website that can handle greater amounts of traffic. It’s necessary to have an open pricing model, a transparent working relationship, and proof of success from previous campaigns. Anything less and you should keep looking.

Selecting the right PPC agency presents many factors and questions. In order to succeed, companies should begin the process far in advance of implantation, and seek to interview and select companies that meet only the highest standards. PPC is a worthy investment that can bring many benefits to any firm; finding the right PPC agency that can get you there is simply the icing on the cake. In this day and age, it’s essential in order for businesses to grow and continually bring in new business.

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