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Whitehardt Can Improve Your Law Firm’s Operations

Felix Eckhardt (the hardt of Whitehardt) has a seasoned background in law firm management. He has helped over 60 law firms improve their bottom line over the course of his career. With his guidance, you can rest assured that your law firm is operating at peak efficiency.

Most advertising agencies would stop at the phone ringing and that’s it.

Our agency is invested in your firm’s success.  We ask questions like, “How are you answering the phone? What are you saying? How is this case being managed?” Whitehardt takes the extra step in ensuring that not only are your advertisements generating leads, but that your law firm is an overall success.  

With Felix’s expertise, you can optimize your law office’s operations. You will get practical advice on how to go from a phone call to a sign up. We look to improve client communication as you work through his or her’s case, without considerably increasing the workload. We strive to maintain a consistent and manageable caseload that operates as an assembly line – with each stage operating seamlessly.

The Flag Report: Where You Can Measure Your Law Firm’s Performance

All law firms keep metrics on their case life cycle of how a lead turns into a settlement, however many are not able to take that data and disseminate it into actionable information. To help with this, Felix created a data-based management tool called the Flag Report. Many of Whitehardt’s clients find invaluable.

The Flag Report was developed for managing partners to monitor the workflow of cases. It give tangible numbers on how cases move through a law firm from week to week. With the Flag Report, you are able to compare your office’s data to comparable law firms. This way, you are able to gain insight into where your firm could make improvements.

Each week, your firm reports on the number of calls that you received, the number of leads that you said “yes” to, how many appointments you made and how many of those appointments turned into sign ups. Additionally, you report on the cases you have in inventory and what stage of the settlement phase the cases are residing.

With this data, The Flag Report is able to show a pulse on how the law firm is doing, and can easily point out potential problems. If there is a bottleneck at the demand writing phase, then nothing in the assembly line can go any further, including reaching a settlement. How does your firm know if there is a bottleneck at demands? You can tell by looking at your flag report and the comparison of your firm’s efficiencies to others.

Felix Eckhardt explains The Flag Report

As you look at your Flag Report, Whitehardt is here to give you advice on where improvements could be made in your case cycle, from intake to case management. From our years of experience and working with law firms across the country, we can show you what other law firms are doing well and help implement tactics for your optimal success.

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With The Flag Report, You Can Compare Your Metrics To Other Attorneys

When you report your numbers to us, you can compare your firm’s metrics to other attorneys’ numbers from across the country.

Most healthy law firms disburse about 10% of their inventory per month, so let’s start by inputting inventory numbers and disbursement numbers. Is your law firm hitting this 10% mark? Did you replace them by bringing in an equal number of new cases? Just as important, did approximately 10% of your inventory advance to the next phase of the case?

The Flag Report will show the number of calls that came into your firm, how many of those calls were qualified leads, the percentage of leads that turned into sign-ups, and ultimately what percentage of your calls became cases. If that percentage is less than a quarter of the calls, then we can look for ways to increase your ratio.

The Flag Report looks at one-week snapshots of your firm’s case data and provides a map of where to focus management’s attention. If you want more profits, a better case flow, and clear goals to make your law firm run more efficiently.

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Whitehardt is a leading law firm advertising agency headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Our primary services include law firm consulting, television commercials, internet marketing, account management, media negotiations, and mass tort advertising. To learn more about how we can help your law firm generate more business, please give us a call at info@whitehardt.com or complete our inquiry contact form.

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