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How It Works: A Proven Path to Profit

  1. Pick the brand you want to advertise with (or advertise with your own brand!) and decide how much you want to invest into Roundup® cases.

  2. We make the ad at no cost to you and develop a custom media strategy designed to generate the most cases for the least amount of money.

  3. We pass qualified leads off to your team or utilize our in-house contract services team to turn those leads into signed cases.

  4. We deliver those lucrative Roundup® cases directly to you.

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Roundup® Lawsuits

Roundup® Lawsuits

Roundup® is one of the most popular and widely used weed-killing products in the country. It relies on the active ingredient glyphosate, a chemical discovered in the early 1970s. It is known as a “non-selective” herbicide, meaning it kills all plants or crops it comes in contact with.

Over 100,000 claims have been filed against the manufacturers of Roundup®, alleging that exposure to the weed killer caused the users to develop non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Despite these claims, Roundup® has not been recalled or given a special warning on the product’s label. It is still currently found on shelves of most “big box” stores and home improvement centers, and it is largely favored by farmers, groundskeepers, and gardeners.

If you’re ready to invest in this lucrative hot tort, we’re ready to make it happen in the most cost-effective way possible.

Invest in Roundup® Cases


Current CPA


Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after using the weedkiller Roundup®

Ready to Get More Roundup® Cases?

We have 20 years of experience getting our clients high-quality leads in the most lucrative mass torts. Invest in Roundup® and let us put that experience to work for you!

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Roundup® Timeline

Roundup® MDL

Over 100,000 legal complaints have been filed against Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) from Roundup® users diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. When Bayer purchased Monsanto in 2018, they also assumed ownership of all pending and future complaints. Many of these complaints were regrouped in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) assigned to the Northern District of California District Court. In July 2018, Judge Vince Chhabria concluded a reasonable jury could find that glyphosate, the active chemical in Roundup®, can cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at exposure levels that users have realistically experienced.

Sample Creatives: Roundup®

In our 20 years of perfecting our mass tort marketing strategies, we have also established a proven formula for creatives that’ll make the phone ring with qualified, high-value leads. Our award-winning creative team uses cutting-edge resources and industry research to make our clients stand out amongst their competitors. Plus, when you choose to invest in a mass tort through Whitehardt, we make the creatives for your campaign at no cost to you.

If you’re ready to invest in Roundup® with creatives that will bring you the highest return on your investment possible, our team is ready to get started.

The Magic Balance We’ve Perfected Over 20 Years

We’ve helped some of the biggest names in the business get to where they are today through our tried and tested MDL marketing strategies. With 20 years of experience and an unmatched dedication to your results, we’re here to utilize our proven formulas to bring you the highest return on your investment possible. If you’re ready to invest in a campaign that will make the phone ring while you focus on settling cases, we’re ready to make it happen in a way that is most cost-effective for you and your business.

Get More Roundup® Cases Without Lifting a Finger

We’re ready to get started. Put the industry’s leading marketing experts behind your campaign today when you request a custom quote.

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Choose Your Brand to Get Started


Our goal is to make investing in MDL as easy, and as profitable, as possible. Working with Whitehardt gives you the option of investing in MDL cases through your own firm’s brand, The Wolf Pack™ brand, our White Heart Legal brand, or The Goldwater Law Firm brand.

White Heart Legal Logo

White Heart Legal

If you have any hesitations or concerns about advertising under your own brand to generate leads for an MDL nationally, Whitehardt has created the White Heart Legal brand for you. With us, you can make a direct cash investment in an MDL to maximize the return of your investment while keeping your firm name private. This brand allows any firm to have the opportunity to invest in and profit from lucrative MDLs without having to feature their own brand in national advertisements. White Heart Legal was carefully crafted with the mission of getting your potential clients to pick up the phone by instilling compassion, trust, and empathy in every single viewer.

Phillip S. Georges of the Wolfpack

Wolf Pack Laywers

If you’re interested in profiting from the lucrative world of MDLs without having to do the challenging, time-consuming work of pursuing and settling the cases yourself, you’ll benefit from using The Wolf Pack™ brand. The Wolf Pack™ is the established brand of Phillip S. Georges, PLLC. The only “sticky” brand in the world of mass torts, this brand inspires confidence in potential clients that their cases will be handled by a fierce, aggressive team dedicated to fighting for the maximum compensation they deserve. This brand allows you to skip advertising and buy contracts directly with Attorney Phil Georges, who only works on cases in which he can be in direct partnership with the leadership in the MDL itself. All you have to do is pick your preferred tort, review the contracts we’ve already pursued and obtained, and choose which contacts you’d like to invest your funds into. If the case has a successful outcome, you will receive a predetermined percentage of the fee agreement.

Bob Goldwater of the Goldwater Law Firm

Goldwater Law Firm

Known as “The Gold Standard of Injury Law,” The Goldwater Law Firm is a nationally recognized brand with which we have a long, fruitful relationship. With Whitehardt’s advanced communication and marketing tactics and Attorney Bob Goldwater’s deep engagement and reputable experience in the legal field, we have developed a proven formula for securing MDL leads early, and more importantly, before competitors have a chance to. Using this brand will allow you to reach claimants across the nation with an established name people know and trust.

Your Firm Here Logo

Advertise With Your Brand

(Or let us build a brand for you!)

If you want your name to be recognized in cities across America as a leader in the fight against harmful corporations, you can use your own firm name and brand to market MDL cases. We’re here to help you do it in the most efficient and lucrative way possible. We encourage transparent relationships and expect our clients using this service to A/B test us to ensure we’re delivering the highest results available. We’ll create high-performing, traffic-driving ads that follow state bar rules while you focus on settling cases.

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