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Account Services For Law Firms

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Dedicated Account Management

Our account management team for attorney advertising is committed to delivering the best service possible for our clients. We strive to exceed your expectations and clearly demonstrate the return on investment you should be getting. We don’t want you to stay with us because of some contract or yearly commitment; we want you to stay with us because it’s working.

Campaign Measurement and Monitoring

We keep constant track of the performance of your ads and buys, and we work with you to monitor both calls and cases. We look at the way the ads run and if the traffic rotation is effective. You don’t want an old ad on too long when call volume is going down. We make sure your message is resonating and that your ads don’t get stale.

Each quarter you will receive a full market analysis and status update for your personal injury firm. We understand you have a law practice to run; you may not want to concern yourself too much with the legal marketing. But you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered. We’re happy to take care of everything and only alert you when an issue arises, but you’ll always receive quarterly reports that detail the total health of your campaign. Of course, all of our tracking and reporting is available to you anytime, but you can count on your quarterly report to give you the full story. You’ll be able to tell how your legal advertising strategy with us is performing against your competition’s. The report includes:

  • Demographics of your market
  • Comparison to similar markets
  • Major competitors in your market
  • Spending levels of the competitors
  • Creatives they are currently running
  • Programs they are buying
  • Number of cases we believe are available to the TV advertising attorneys
  • Number of cases you should be getting for your market share

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We keep a thumb on the pulse of what’s happening with your business. We want to know how your firm is really doing: how many appointments you are setting; how many calls you are receiving; how many cases you are getting. If you have a couple of bad weeks, we go into battle mode.

We’ve heard from some of our clients that their former advertising agency’s solution was always to spend more money. We know there’s more to it than just increasing your budget. We look at all aspects of the campaign. Are the spots being ran correctly? Is there new competition? Is your phone line working the way it should be?

We have multiple checks in place to ensure quality control on all of our ads. We double and triple check every part of them, from the disclaimers and phone number, to the image quality and overall production value. By the time your ad gets to the station, it meets the highest quality standards.

Experience Wins

Whitehardt has been in business since 2002. Our CEO Kevin White has been marketing attorneys since 1992. With our level of experience, you can rest easy that your law firm’s advertising is in good hands.

Our clients aren’t just a number to us. We really do care about both your professional and personal success. That’s how we maintain such great relationships with our clients. In fact, many of our clients have been with us since the beginning. There is no churn and burn mentality when it comes to us helping you build a long-term, profitable law firm. We’re in it for the long haul, and our clients can attest to it. We’re happy to give you our complete client list for you to call for references.

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Whitehardt is a leading law firm advertising agency headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Our primary services include account management, television commercials, internet marketing, media negotiations, law firm consulting and mass tort advertising. To learn more about how we can help your law firm generate more business, please give us a call at info@whitehardt.com or complete our inquiry contact form.

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