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I enjoy working with Whitehardt for three primary reasons. They are honest, efficient and responsive. In a world where people do not always do what they say, this is refreshing. All business is relational and requires trust. I trust Whitehardt. We have a great relationship, and they are good at what they do.

Rhon Jones
Beasley Allen Law Firm

When I invest, I tend to invest large. And when it’s time to put millions of dollars into a tort campaign, Kevin & Whitehardt have my trust!

John Cracken
The Cracken Law Firm PC

Truly scalable results, from a $25k test to $1 million a month, Whitehardt results are consistent and predictable.

Matt Daniel
Ferrer Poirot & Wansbrough

I’d prefer nobody else know about you.

Andrew Kirkendall
Kirkendall Dwyer LLP

I don’t have the expertise or time to handle the creative or the details of the ad buys and that is all done for me and done well.

Dan Markoff, Esq.
Atkins & Markoff

Our firm has worked with Whitehardt for years. We come back campaign after campaign because they deliver quality cases at an extremely competitive price. I also appreciate their flexibility – they will always work with your criteria, your contracts, whatever you ask. Most importantly, the team at Whitehardt is honest, responsive, and hardworking. I am always confident that they do everything in their power to reach our goals which in turn helps our firm make a positive impact on more lives.

Victoria Alford
Arnold & Itkin

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